This July-August were awesome!

So how have the last two months been? Eventful to say the least. And hence, I’ve not posted a new entry on my blog here. July saw an old college friend making a trip to Mumbai from Delhi to spend some time with me. I appreciated her gesture so. There’s something about old friends, like […]

Time To Give It Back To The Bigoted Troll

This guy, lets call him Amit Mishraa or Aamit Mishra or Amit Bhardwaj or Ammu because these are all his names and I don’t know which one is real. So he, in all eleven of his comments on my post completely missed the point and deviated into a dark territory with a clear and present agenda, which is in alignment with the right-wing political parties in India.


When women who are artists, writers and have a place in the spotlight say that India or the world doesn’t need feminism I wonder what the rest of the world thinks? Either that, India has achieved 100% gender equality, safety and rights for all of its citizens or that these women simply let their education go to waste? Well since it’s not the first it has to be the second.

On Happiness

20 March is celebrated as International Day of Happiness. Maybe we also need to have an International Day of Non-Happiness to remind us that it’s OK for us to not be happy sometimes. Being happy is of course great! We all want that. But being happy all the time is not only impossible but also […]

Why does the ‘Bad Guy’ always get the ‘Good Girl’ in Bollywood?

When the hero tells Naina that he doesn’t want to eat “daal-chawal” with just one woman for the remaining fifty years of his life he means that he doesn’t want to have sex with just one woman for the remaining fifty years of his life, because in India “daal -chawal” (a very basic household dish) is the most commonly used euphemism for married sex life. Needless to say that it is insulting for daal- chaawal, because it is delicious!