Chronicle of a Death Foretold

If my post from three months ago, in September (about the accident that nearly killed Bubu) was any indication, it was a forewarning, a sign that Bubu might die a painful and premature death.


By far the worst 5 minutes of my life! (Read esp.if you have pets)

A dog may be a good learner but a cat is a better teacher. And I learnt my lessons today.

The most obvious one is to not leave pets alone with strings and other potentially threatening ‘toys’. But more importantly don’t ignore life and put if off until tomorrow. Just leave the past behind and move on and take each day as it comes. Be calm, happy and positive. Be grateful every day. Cats get nine lives but we humans don’t.


I met him on my recent trip to Shimla and it immediately struck me that he looked different from the dogs I see in the plains – he was bigger in size and had longer hair. So I went up to him while he was basking in the sunlit spot right in the middle of […]