This July-August were awesome!

So how have the last two months been?

Eventful to say the least. And hence, I’ve not posted a new entry on my blog here.

July saw an old college friend making a trip to Mumbai from Delhi to spend some time with me. I appreciated her gesture so.

There’s something about old friends, like old wine. Either that, or the fact that they know some of your most embarrassing secrets so you’re forced to remain friends with them. This one wasn’t that sort of a friend though. We had known each other in college and had done some interesting activities together. We didn’t stay in touch since then except for on Facebook. But, a blink-and-miss role I had done in the film ‘Udta Punjab’ and I was flooded with messages including hers! A few days later she was at my doorstep one early morning holding the newspaper.

What or who would have landed at my doorstep had I a bigger role in the film, I wonder.

We did some pretty crazy stuff while she was in Mumbai all of which need not be put down in words. However, pictures speak louder than words so head to my IG account – madame_curie.ous

I’ve obviously put some thought behind this name so thanks in advance for appreciating it!

As soon as she left I had another visitor. But this one was the most unexpected visitor and far cuter!

I’ve considered myself a dog-person and never had a close encounter with a cat until now. But the moment I set my eyes on her it was love! I named her Catherine, or Cathy for short.

Cathy the Cat has caught on. It also becomes a tongue-twister when you repeat it several times.

May I say that even at such a tender age Catherine knows what she wants and makes sure that she goes for it. So she adopted me, and my house, my bed and my food are now hers too.

Next few days were spent in swooning over her cuteness, taking her pictures till my phone memory was full and posting them on Facebook, (and Instagram of course.)

But more importantly figuring out what kittens eat and where they poop (she doesn’t drink milk which raised my hopes of having a vegan pet, until I found out that cats need fish or they can develop health issues and even die. So Royal Canin cat food came to the rescue)

Actually I gave her the wet kitten food from Whiskas first which she loved. But now they’ve changed it into some gel-like substance instead of food and of course Cathy won’t have any of it!

Otherwise her food habits have remained consistent. She wakes up every morning between 6 and 7 am and comes really close to my face. After having figured out that I am in deep sleep she proceeds to let out as loud as she can the most heart-tearing “meow”. Her demand to be fed must be met instantaneously or she doesn’t stop. Just like that annoying alarm clock that doesn’t stop until you whack it. But Cathy is cute. And she is like a baby.  So instead of whacking her, the more effective way to stop her from meowing constantly is to feed her.

Training her to go to the toilet was easier. I have had many pups before her and since I live in a flat I trained all of them to do their business on the bathroom drain. My cat picked up the same habit! She even behaves like a puppy at times following me around the house. Are cats supposed to do that?

Just when Cathy and I had settled into our ‘you haven’t adopted me human I am one who chose you’ kind of domestic bliss, another four-legged creature walked in. This time it was a puppy. And she was carried in by someone looking for a foster home for her. So from two we became three. Aah, a small happy family!

Initially Cathy was sceptical hissing and baring her fangs at the poor orphan pup and went into a sideways dance with a hunched back which was most amusing to watch. She did plenty of whacking each time the puppy came closer to play with her. Reminded me of when I had my younger brother. Aah, good old family days!

But soon Cathy and the pup became wrestle buddies. Aren’t same-age siblings just adorable.

The pup even started to gorge on cat food while Cathy watched from a distance, not helplessly mind you. She waited for the perfect moment to get her revenge. So she climbed on the bed when the pup was near it and then – whack! The pup was of course was too tiny to climb up on the bed. And I felt sorry for her. But there’s only so much a parent is supposed to interfere in sibling wars.

Now with the puppy gone Cathy and I have resumed our harmonious lives once again.

My eleven days’ vacation in August up north into the mountains did not come between us. She still remembered me and as soon as I walked inside the door began rubbing herself on my legs and demanded that I feed her some real fish for fish’s sake and not some gel-like substance.

I will my dear Cathy, as soon as I finish writing this blog.

She concurs and curls gently next to me on the bed with her soft warm body brushing against my leg reminding me how incredibly special it is to love animals and be loved by them in return.

And a cat is the best companion a writer can ask for. I cannot believe I never got one before. Or, shall I say why did a cat never adopted me before?! Maybe I’m finally cute!

PS – I’m not a dog or a cat person. I am an animal person. That is to say I fight for the rights, safety and welfare of an animal irrespective of how cute it might be.


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