Time To Give It Back To The Bigoted Troll

On May 30, 2016 I got trolled by a Facebook ‘friend’, who is nothing more than a semi-professional acquaintance in real life.

This is how the story goes – we met last year bet. May-July when he attended an acting workshop with me. He asked me to act with him in a short film but seeing his acting abilities in class I didn’t want to. He then insisted, that he wants to click some pictures of me for HIS photography portfolio (guess acting wasn’t going very well for him)I wasn’t too keen but we finally did the photo shoot in Nov.last year at his house. I wasn’t too happy with the results. Also he kept sitting on the pictures for months and finally gave them to me in April this year! WTH!

This guy, lets call him Amit Mishraa or Aamit Mishra or Amit Bhardwaj or Ammu because these are all his names and I don’t know which one is real, is nothing but a pseudo-patriot, misogynist and a fanatic to the boot!

His rant was in response to my post against the threats of arrest and violence against a comedian who made fun of India’s two great icons as well as political parties taking it upon themselves to feel ‘offended’ on behalf all Indians. (Refer to my last post)

I wrote (on my Facebook) – “Just want to clarify that my sentiments weren’t hurt. But if you’re insisting then Kapil Sharma hurts my sentiments AND my intellect more than any other comedian. Please arrest him as well. Thank you very much!”

Mishra, in all eleven of his comments on my post completely missed the point and deviated into a dark territory with a clear and present agenda, which is in alignment with the right-wing political parties in India. (if you want to know the names of these parties, please Google them).

Now if he just had a holier-than-thou attitude I may have been amused, but he was a verbal terrorist! The terrorist kept conveying to me in his morally superior and  condescending tone that he knows more about comedy and what constitutes as “Indian sensibilities.” Now why does making unfunny jokes/remarks on an old Indian lady’s age and wrinkles have anything to do with Indian sensibilities? Is it only an Indian thing to respect our elders? Are you going to attack all Indians who don’t? What about Kapil Sharma who is the most popular comedian on Indian TV? Doesn’t he make fun of old, fat, dark people all the time? The old lady in his show is of course Ali Asgar’s character called Dadi or grandmother.

Or is it because the character he makes fun of is actually a man dressed as an old woman so it passes as acceptable comedy? But my point is that when country’s most popular comedian makes fun of old people then how do other comedians know where to draw a line?

Millions of self-proclaimed sanskari Indians watch Comedy Nights with Kapil with their families and laugh out loud. Sharma is after all the highest paid comedian and a household name in India. Yet my Know-It-All ‘sanskari’ Facebook ‘friend’ chose to feign ignorance and claimed that he doesn’t know about him and his show.

I have written this in my previous post but I want to reiterate that I did not find Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat jokes funny. I definitely found the reactions to his jokes funny, and a little bit annoying too. But I found this person, who it was clear by now considered himself to be some kind of an authority on humor (which he is not), an expert on ‘Indian’ sensibility (which he is not) and even my Father, teacher and the Prime Minister of India (he is neither) to be the most annoying. My tolerance for this rapidly multiplying breed of Indians is admittedly low. They are the ones who have taken it upon themselves to be the custodians of Indian culture but actually don’t know anything about India. In authority they like to tell the rest of us what to eat, watch, wear and who to respect and worship.

This pseudo-patriot kept arguing  with me in true Sanghi fashion all the while drawing parallels with the West and insisting that in India we just don’t do this kind of a thing (that is make jokes on respectable  old women we consider a national treasure) because it’s against our “Indian sensibilities”. When I asked him about the Indian sensibilities on violent threats I was told to ignore those. Hmmm ignore violence but don’t ignore a poor joke!  Is there something wrong with us? Clearly there is!

I had to tell him to “please feel free to f**k off (from my FB that is)” if he wants to force his views on me instead of having a civil & open-minded debate.

Really,  that is about as polite as I could be with him at this point.

What followed, was again in true fanatic and male chauvinistic fashion was a series of personal attacks on me because how dare I put him in his place! How dare I hold beliefs that are not in line with his right-wing nationalistic ‘sensibilities’! And, as an Indian woman how dare am I not sanskari?! How did I dare to put forth my views and voice in front of a man! Why am I not outraging and threatening to beat up people who offend me and my fellow Indians’ sensibilities. Ummm because I am an educated tolerant woman living in a civil society who believes in law and order. This is my way of showing my love for my country – believing in it’s judiciary and in it’s system to punish any offender, instead of taking the law in my own hands. And that’s what I did. I approached the police.

The hateful troll in question got a handful from them, almost peed his pants when he realised the deep shit that he had gotten himself into!

But it is not enough. It’s time to expose this fanatic sociopath masquerading as a law-abiding respectable citizen of India. For tomorrow he can go after someone else.

So savor some of his mean and hateful, mind you completely unsolicited and unprovoked e-mails that he threatened me with.

The only reason i’m putting this up here is to expose this lunatic! I don’t have a problem with what side you lean on, what personal or political views you hold dear or who you support. I surely have a problem when you try & force them on to me and viciously attack me & in that case you will be dealt with!








Screenshot_2016-06-08-17-01-02By the way upon close investigation into his credible existence I found these on his FB timeline – a post calling Sagarika Ghosh (of NDTV) a c**t and a s**t and how he proudly beat up a man once for not standing up for the national anthem among others.

No surprises that being abusive towards women especially, is a part of this coward’s lingo.

Sure he can use this language to express his hatred and frustration on his FB timeline and on e-mail but would he dare to do the same face-to-face? Definitely not because he knows that he will get slapped and then get arrested!

PS – whenever I come across such custodians of Indian culture & society (and they’re everywhere these days) I wonder why don’t they actually do something constructive for the nation instead of hiding behind screens and threatening people???



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