On Happiness

20 March is celebrated as International Day of Happiness. Maybe we also need to have an International Day of Non-Happiness to remind us that it’s OK for us to not be happy sometimes.

Being happy is of course great! We all want that.
But being happy all the time is not only impossible but also abnormal.
A normal person feels unhappy or sad and goes through a myriad of other emotions in a day. But because society and our culture place so much importance on ‘happiness’ people often get lost in it’s pursuit. They think that money, alcohol, partying, shopping, food, sex, power and other material things will make them happy. Whereas in reality these things more often than not distract us and give us a false sense of being happy. Maybe they give pleasure and joy in the moment but real happiness coming from food and drugs? I don’t think so.

Some people even see it as a sign of weakness, being unhappy. Hence, maybe if we have an International Day of Non-Happiness then people will be reminded that it’s OK to not feel happy sometimes. In fact its perfectly natural and makes us human.

Maybe if we acknowledge this, then we will be happy?


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