A blog? Why now?

Today is January 1, 2016 – a brand new year has begun. Everyone is in high spirits including me. And this will be the day when I am going to start writing a blog – my first and only one.

This idea never really appealed to me until now. I am not someone who can be defined as a sharer or an extrovert. But now I don’t think that it would be fair for me to deprive the world of my wisdom (LOL!)

Jokes apart, the last year has been so eventful and such a revelation in many ways that it has changed my thinking. It might have also changed me as a person (at least a little bit). I think that 2015 was the biggest learning of my life until now; full of growth and pain. It took me, threw me around, put me through the wringer and supplied with an abundance of saltwater it washed me till I was sparkling clean; then I was put out on a line to dry. Now I feel so shiny and new that I should be featured in a detergent powder commercial!

So I guess, this blog is intended to be like a diary of sorts.

I think it can be fun to put my ideas and thoughts out there and then see what comes back; to test myself, and who knows it may even become a popular blog on the internet! I have been writing on and off for almost two decades now. My articles have been published in newspapers the like the Hindustan Times, when I was still in school. I have also written travel stories for Outlook Traveller.

I have written a full-length Hindi feature film, a few plays and short stories and I am working on my second feature script currently.

I am quirky, creative and love to challenge status quo. And what better way to voice my opinions and vent than to write a blog! (everybody’s venting on Facebook so enough with that :p)

So, goodbye and good riddance 2015! And welcome 2016! May this be the best year of our lives! Let the magic begin…

PS – Some of my writing might offend a few. Well, you better stop reading now if you’re a misogynist, religious or both.



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