My New Year’s wish list (because resolutions are so passé)

For a lot of people, a New Year means making a list of New Year’s resolutions. I have never made any before. Or even if I did I don’t remember keeping any. But since I have decided to break my pattern and do things that I’ve never done before (like writing a blog for example) I’m also going to make (and try to keep) some promises to myself (resolutions are old-school) So here’s my list for 2016:

  1. Be kinder (to myself and to everyone else in the world)
  2. And be more patient. I have realised that these are two qualities that I can improve upon as I’ve finally understood the importance of kindness and patience in our lives. The former makes us more likeable and easy to be around. When we’re not always trying to be right, we are being kind to other’s feelings. But first and foremost we need to be kind to ourselves. So enough with beating myself over things in the past or blaming myself for things that were not my fault or were out of my control to begin with. And I do sometimes tend to get impatient and jump the gun. So teaching myself to be more patient is to allow the good things to come to me instead of rushing and spoiling it all.
  3. Don’t be too nice. Nice is something I can be a little less of. Feels strange to say this but being too nice is definitely a flaw. It leaves one susceptible to be taken advantage of.
  4. Be less bitchy. Or maybe more. I am going to decide this one as needed.
  5. And finally, complain less. They say that we need to focus on what we want more of. If we keep talking about our problems then they tend to grow. Instead I’m going to focus more on the good stuff in my life.

Those are my three promises that i’m going to try my best to keep this year.

Now these are some tangible things I hope I am able to give myself this year:

  1. Save enough for a trip to a country I’ve never been to before. Top of my list is – USA, England, France and Italy.
  2. A Reva (it’s a car that runs on battery and is super compact for the over-crowded big city) I’ve had my eyes on this car for a long time now. Being supremely eco-conscious I’ll feel so happy and guilt-free driving a zero mission car! Carbon footprint?! What’s that?

This is what the car looks like:


And these are the new cooler models of the same:

3. Being absolutely debt-free. And that means paying off the loan that I took to buy a house.

4. Establish myself as a writer. This is where this blog will come in handy.

These things apart, I hope that I can continue living with love and gratitude and doing all those healthy things I already do for myself and this planet that sustains all of us – like exercising and walking whenever possible (and not driving a car), taking care of the strays around me and a general awareness of the natural world and eating a vegetarian diet (as opposed to a more damaging meat-based diet). The last one also reminds me of number 5 on my list of tangible things:

5. Move towards a vegan diet (although it’s relatively expensive and not-so-easy in India)
Why, you ask? Becasue it’s good for the planet. And my health.

When this year comes to an end and I will look back on it, I hope that I will feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in terms of having achieved most of the items from this short list of mine.

So cheers to the new year! It will be dedicated to improving myself.

Edit 04/04/2016 – Just a couple days ago I read in the papers about Bajaj’s free the Qute campaign for their new eco-friendly car. Now I don’t know how many guys would like to drive a car called ‘Qute’ but I have already signed up for it. If you want the world to be less polluted then you can show your support for the car here:

You will also be supporting the Make in India campaign indirectly. So what are you waiting for? Do it now! Namo and the future generations will thank you for it.


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